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Hansel and Gretel
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Hansel and Gretel : The Graphic Novel
(from the Graphic Spin series)
When their parents leave them in the forest, Hansel and Gretel must find their way home.  During their journey, they discover something better, a house made of sugary sweets!  Too bad it's owned by an evil, and hungry, old witch.
(Also available in Spanish)
Illustrator: Sean Dietrich
Size:  7 x 10  •  Copyright: 2009  •  Publisher:  Stone Arch Books  •  Pages:  40
Subjects: Intermediate Fiction Reading
Title ISBN: 9781434208637 (143420863X)  •  Price: $5.95
6-Pack ISBN: 9781434211231 (1434211231) •  Price: $36.70
Guided Reading Level: I  •  Lexile Level: GN 300L  •  Hi-Lo Level: 3-6
Accelerated Reader  •  AR Level: 2.2  •  AR Points: 0.5  •  AR Quiz Number: 123168
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Series Contents / Information

Graphic Spin
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Graphic Spin
The world’s greatest fairy tales are retold in a graphic novel format. Fresh, bold illustrations give these timeless tales a modern edge and will attract even the most reluctant readers.
ISBN: 9781434239280 (1434239284)  •  Price: $130.90
Includes the following 22 titles: Beauty and the Beast : The Graphic Novel, Cinderella : The Graphic Novel, Hansel and Gretel : The Graphic Novel, How the Camel Got His Hump : The Graphic Novel, How the Elephant Got His Trunk : The Graphic Novel, How the Leopard Got His Spots : The Graphic Novel, How the Rhinoceros Got His Skin : The Graphic Novel, Jack and the Beanstalk : The Graphic Novel, John Henry, Hammerin' Hero : The Graphic Novel, Pecos Bill, Colossal Cowboy : The Graphic Novel, Rapunzel : The Graphic Novel, Red Riding Hood : The Graphic Novel, Rumpelstiltskin : The Graphic Novel, Sleeping Beauty : The Graphic Novel, Snow White : The Graphic Novel, The Emperor's New Clothes : The Graphic Novel, The Legend of Johnny Appleseed : The Graphic Novel, The Princess and the Pea : The Graphic Novel, The Tall Tale of Paul Bunyan : The Graphic Novel, The Three Little Pigs : The Graphic Novel, The Ugly Duckling : The Graphic Novel, Thumbelina : The Graphic Novel