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¿Qué es un gobierno?
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¿Qué es un gobierno?
(What's government?)

(from the Mi primera guía acerca del gobierno series)
Learn all about the United States federal government. Learn the role of the three branches of government and how they work together. Discover the important role citizens play in choosing our government leaders.
(Also available in English)
Author: Nancy Harris
Size:  7 11/16 x 8 11/16  •  Copyright: 2008  •  Publisher:  Heinemann  •  Pages:  32
Subjects: Primary Social Studies
Features:  Captions, Chart/Graph, Fact or Check Page/File, Labels
Title ISBN: 9781432904845 (1432904841)  •  Price: $8.29
6-Pack ISBN: 9781432904975 (1432904973) •  Price: $47.94
Guided Reading Level: N
Accelerated Reader  •  AR Level: 4.5  •  AR Points: 0.5  •  AR Quiz Number: 118840

Series Contents / Information

Mi primera guía acerca del gobierno
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Mi primera guía acerca del gobierno  (First Guide to Government)
This series offers a perfect introduction to federal, state, and local governments. Through clear, concise text, each book explores the structure, function, and responsibilities of each branch of the government. Books include vivid photographs, maps and charts.
ISBN: 9781432919887 (1432919881)  •  Price: $111.86
Includes the following 14 titles: ¿Qué es la Carta de Derechos?  (What's the Bill of Rights?) , ¿Qué es la Constitucion?  (What is the U.S. Constitution?) , ¿Qué es la Corte Suprema?  (What's the Supreme Court?) , ¿Qué es la Declaracion de Independencia?  (What's the Declaration of Independence?) , ¿Qué es la rama judicial estatal?  (What's the State Judicial Branch?) , ¿Qué es la rama legislativa estatal?  (What's the State Legislative Branch?) , ¿Qué es un alcalde?  (What's a Mayor?) , ¿Qué es un Congreso?  (What's Congress?) , ¿Qué es un consejo municipal?  (What's a City Council?) , ¿Qué es un gobernador?  (What's a Governor?) , ¿Qué es un gobierno?  (What's government?) , ¿Qué es un Presidente y un Vicepresidente?  (What's a President and a Vice President?) , ¿Qué son elecciones?  (What are Elections?) , ¿Qué son las enmiendas?  (What Are the Amendments?)