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Ser un líder
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Ser un líder
(Being a Leader)

(from the Civismo series)
Books in this series introduce children to the character values that embody citizenship. In 'Ser un líder,' children view various situations that demonstrate the qualities of leadership. Playful, engaging illustrations are used to reinforce students’ understanding of the concepts.
(Also available in English)
Author: Cassie Mayer
Size:  8 x 6 3/4  •  Copyright: 2008  •  Publisher:  Heinemann  •  Pages:  24
Subjects: Primary Social Studies
Features:  Experiment/Activity, Picture Glossary
Title ISBN: 9781432904081 (1432904086)  •  Price: $6.29
6-Pack ISBN: 9781432904159 (1432904159) •  Price: $37.74

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Civismo  (Citizenship)
Books in this series introduce character values that are an important part of good citizenship. Each book uses playful, engaging illustrations to show situations that demonstrate positive behavior. The books end by asking students to wonder how they may behave to demonstrate each characteristic.
ISBN: 9781432904043 (1432904043)  •  Price: $37.74