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Life in a Desert
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Life in a Desert
(from the Wonder Readers Complete Package series)
(Also available in Spanish)
Author: Maryellen Gregoire
Size:  6 x 7  •  Copyright: 2012  •  Publisher:  Capstone Press  •  Pages:  16
Subjects: Primary Science
Title ISBN: 9781429691949 (1429691948)  •  Price: $5.99
6-Pack ISBN: 9781429692045 (1429692049) •  Price: $35.94
Guided Reading Level: B
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Wonder Readers Complete Package
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Wonder Readers Complete Package
Wonder Readers Complete Package provides 6 copies of each 118 guided reading books, all written at levels A-M, all written in Math, Science or Social Studies content.  9 Big Books, 3 Social Studies, 3 Science and 3 Math titles to support your shared reading instruction.  1 Teacher's Guide and Program Overview for lesson support.  1 Assessment handbook providing diagnostic, benchmark and oral running records.  All books come in classroom storage boxes for easy access.
ISBN: 9781429698474 (1429698470)  •  Price: $4,073.74
Includes the following 127 titles: A Firefighter's Day, A Math Hike, A Tiger Cub, A Zoo Full of Birds, Adding Animals, All About Boats, All About Homes, All About Mammals, All About Snakes and Lizards, All Kinds of Signs, All Kinds of Sounds, Amazon Adventure, Animals Everywhere, Animals in the Forest, Apple Trees, At the Beach, Big and Small Animals, Big, Bigger, Biggest, Both Sides are the Same, Bread Around the World, Built From Stone, Celebrations Around the World, Changing the Land, Circles Everywhere, Clothes Around the World, Community Helpers, Computers, Counting at the Parade, Counting Crayons, Counting Money, Counting to Ten, Desert Seasons, Divided By, Dollars and Cents, Estimating, Everybody Moves, Farms, Find Out About Farming, Finding Patterns, Forest Doubles, Fractions, From 1 to 100, Fun at the Zoo!, Fun Days, Getting There, Graphs, Harvest Season, Healthy Eating, History Rocks!, Hot and Cold, How Things Move, I Am a Scientist, I Can Help, If the Shoe Fits, Insects, It's a Dog's Life, Keeping Us Safe, Leading the Way, Lend a Hand, Let's Communicate, Life in a Desert, Look and Learn, Looking at Rocks, Making Maple Syrup, Making Money, Math for Fun, Matter is Everything, Measure by Measure, Measuring, Measuring Time, Moving Fast, My Family, Numbers Are Everywhere, Oceans, Odd and Even, Oh Baby!, Old and New Schools, Oranges: From Fruit to Juice, Our Sun, Parks of the U.S.A., Patterns Everywhere, Patterns in Nature, Places to Go!, Places to Work, Pushes and Pulls, Save the Animals, Score One for Math!, Shapes, Shapes in the City, Share and Be Fair, Sorting, Sports Rules, Staying Warm, Storytime, Structures, Subtracting, Taking Care of a Pet, Taking Shape, Teamwork, The Flag, The Moon Book, The Park, The Rain Forest, The Right Place, The Story of Corn, Then and Now, Things in Space, Tiling Shapes, To Fly in the Sky, Too Much Snow, Toys in the Past, Trees, Wants or Needs, Watch Out!, We All Have Shadows, We All Need Plants, We Need Money, Welcome to Mexico, Welcome to North America, What is Water?, What Scientists Do, Where Do People Work?, Where People Live, Where We Live, Wings, You Can Count!, Your Five Senses