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¿Cómo crecen las plantas?
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¿Cómo crecen las plantas?
(How Do Plants Grow?)

(from the El mundo de las plantas series)
Welcome to the World of Plants. Young children can learn how plants grow with the age-appropriate text in this book. Concepts are gradually introduced with fact files, location maps and useful phrases so children learn how a plant finds food, and what it needs to grow.
(Also available in English)
Author: Louise Spilsbury , Richard Spilsbury
Size:  7 11/16 x 8 11/16  •  Copyright: 2006  •  Publisher:  Heinemann  •  Pages:  32
Subjects: Primary Life Science
Features:  Captions, Labels
Title ISBN: 9781403490773 (1403490775)  •  Price: $7.99
6-Pack ISBN: 9781403490827 (1403490821) •  Price: $47.94
Guided Reading Level: O
Accelerated Reader  •  AR Level: 3.5  •  AR Points: 0.5  •  AR Quiz Number: 101958

Series Contents / Information

El mundo de las plantas
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El mundo de las plantas  (World of Plants)
This series introduces the diverse world of plants. The titles cover the key curriculum areas of plant anatomy such as growth, reproduction, and habitats. Each title in the series also examines the different ways humans use plants and takes the approach of building up knowledge gradually using age-appropriate text. The books include: plant maps identifying different parts of a plant, leaf identification guides, activities to grow your own plant, location maps to show distribution of habitat types, plant life cycle diagrams, and photosynthesis diagrams.
ISBN: 9781403490780 (1403490783)  •  Price: $31.96