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Teaching Notes

It is important for students to develop skills for reading nonfiction texts.  Capstone Classroom books exhibit a variety of text structures and contain strong text features, making them well suited for instruction of nonfiction reading skills.

The Teaching Notes that accompany many Capstone Classroom titles contain mini-lessons that are adaptable to any classroom routine or reading program.  They include guided activities that support instruction of text structures, text features, comprehension strategies, and word study.  Each set of notes also contains a reproducible graphic organizer that supports a mini-lesson activity.  (See a sample)

Learn how to use Capstone Classroom books
to support nonfiction instruction.

Learn how to use Capstone Classroom books
to support comprehension.
Get Adobe Acrobat ReaderAll Teaching Notes are PDF Adobe Acrobat files.
Note that these files can be fairly large, and you may need to allow several minutes to open/download them over a dial-up connection.

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