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New! Early Learning Coloring Sheets

Color with Early Learning
brought to you by Capstone Early Learning
 Early Learning Coloring SheetsSize
 Do Bears Buzz.pdf132 KB
 Do Cows Eat Cake.pdf213 KB
 Do Penguins Have Puppies.pdf126 KB
 Hello Genius.pdf890 KB
 Hello Genius - Bunny Eating.pdf493 KB
 Hello Genius - Bunny Head.pdf1,736 KB
 Hello Genius - Duck.pdf2,563 KB
 If I Were an Astronaut.pdf147 KB
 If I Were a Ballerina.pdf167 KB
 If I Were a Cowboy.pdf242 KB
 If I Were a Firefighter.pdf210 KB
 If I Were a Major League Baseball Player.pdf136 KB
 If I Were a Movie Star.pdf249 KB
 If I Were a Veterinarian.pdf221 KB
 If I Were the President.pdf499 KB

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(All coloring sheets are in Adobe PDF file format)